Hartpury Sevens

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We’re only 10 days away from JCF Sevens first big tournament of 2015 (our maiden year) as we head off to Gloucester to participate in the Hartpury Sevens!

Armed with a squad of exciting young players from across the fields of Devon, JCF Sevens are fully prepped for their first outing under our newly founded identity.

JCF Sevens have chosen to participate at the Hartpury Sevens tournament after attending a seminar earlier in the year with the management and founder of Bamboo 7’s, Max Lueck – who has provided us with some informed guidance in founding a rugby sevens team. We hope that this tournament will give our team a solid foundation to build on for future tournaments with success both on the field, and off.

To find out how the team gets on, please tune into our Facebook or Twitter on the day for updates between fixtures.


Your chance to Sponsor JCF7

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The Jungle Crows Foundation UK Touring Sevens Team … or JCF7 for short, are looking for sponsorship to help fund their competition entries for summer 2015. Much like our player base, We are not in any hurry to secure any old sponsor. My name is John ‘Max’ Maxwell and I am the founder of JCF7. Everything I am ever involved with revolves around quality and doing things right, with the right people. RuckinRugby build relationships with people, because people matter – the right people.

The initial JCF7 playing shirts are just about to go to manufacture with Samurai Sports using their premium Iconix range and I have been driving them mental with my anal attention to detail … this makes the difference between good stash and awesome stash, so I’m happy to upset a few designers on the way.

You can see a mock up of the shirt here and you know that RuckinRugby will be pushing this brand through all Social Media channels and indeed this premium quality website. I am already preparing a photoshoot to take place with our squad once the new stash lands, so we can finish the website and drive on. Through the winter we will be talking to sponsors, shortlisting tournaments and networking with players who are in tune with our ethos.

Alex Pike is an apprentice at RuckinRugby and they sent him to India last month to submerge him for 4 weeks into the reality of what it is the Jungle Crows Foundation are doing in India. We want to blood as many of our players in that experience as possible, as it is an essential part of learning our ethos and becoming part of the team.

Check out Alex’s blog on the RuckinRugby website: CLICK HERE : And if you think you might like to experience India and playing rugby with the Jungle Crows of Kolkata, maybe even getting to play for JCF7 at the Kolkata Sevens … then drop an email to and let’s connect.

If you want to be a part of this and you’d like your company’s logo on our fabulous stash then drop an email to

Follow us on Twitter @JCFSevens or ‘like’ us on Facebook … but be sure to check back here every once in a while.

Yours in Rugby, – Max.


Branding complete

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Phase 1 of the JCF Sevens journey is complete as RuckinRugby have completed our branding. RuckinRugby partnered up for the first time with Anthony Costa in Melbourne, Australia and what a cracking partnership it turned out to be!

RuckinRugby work with an eclectic mix of design and development specialists but decided to go in search of someone new to kick off this project and found sports fan Anthony down under in Melbourne. Anthony’s online portfolio showed all kinds of fantastic designs and re-draws of logos and kit designs that caught our eye and so we punted him the ‘vision’ we had of the Jungle Crows Foundation UK Sevens Team … JCF7 for short!

Anthony kicked off with some hand sketches and worked with steers from RuckinRugby to hone the look until we ended up with the ‘sqwarking’ Crow. Anthony chose the font – called ‘Aldo the Apache’ and we were set. The colours were chosen to blend well with the main brand pallet already chosen by RuckinRugby of Sky Blue, Navy Blue, gold and White – in line with the new RuckinRugby branding for 2014.

We are now in the process of designing the fantastic stash in partnership with Samurai UK using the brand new top notch Iconix range of shirts. Anthony’s logo and RuckinRugby’s branding will run through the stash just as it runs through the website. We understand the importance of this and look forward to getting everything in place and ready for a winter of promotion.

Keep an eye on the website to make sure you don’t miss the launch of our online shop and stash range in time for Christmas!