The JCF Sevens are a UK based sevens team founded in 2014 by RuckinRugby, to raise awareness of the Jungle Crows Foundation. The Jungle Crows Foundation is a charity that began in Kolkata and now works across India. The Crows engage with children and young people sharing their passion for rugby, and working with them to achieve to their full potential.

They have no political or religious bias but will work with any organisation or community that shares their values, which are Passion, Integrity and Commitment.

The Jungle Crows Mission is to be a leading sports and social development organisation supporting children and young people as they grow and develop, and to work to be a positive influence on all around them by supporting and encouraging everyone to achieve to their full potential. The Jungle Crows values:

  • Passion – for the sport we play and the children and young people we support.
  • Integrity – consistent support in a positive and honest manner with those we are working with.
  • Commitment – to those that want to change and to grow with the Jungle Crows.

RuckinRugby are soul brothers of the Jungle Crows and that is why we formed the JCF7s Rugby Team. 2015 will be our first season, so we hope to start forming a group of players during the second half of the 2014/15 Season in the UK – in preparation for the summer ahead. As a team we live by the RuckinRugby values of our founders:

  • Honesty – complete transparency and openness with ourselves and our partners.
  • Integrity – adherence to the Rugby Principles, both on and off the pitch.
  • Trust – we start every relationship from a position of trust.

No one player is bigger than this team and we have no agenda other than to play rugby and enjoy it.